The Pupil Premium Project

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1 DAY PER WEEK FOR 6 / 8 / 10 WEEKS. 4 x 60 MINUTE SESSIONS - 40 PUPILS PER DAY/PROJECT (10 pupils per session - Year 3 - 6 / 8 pupils per session - Year 1 & 2)

'The Pupil Premium Project' is a specially commissioned intervention programme with the aims of improving children's confidence, self esteem, literacy and listening skills.

Working in school one day a week for 6 weeks, delivering 4 x 60 minute sessions for one Year group at a time. The pupil's are usually selected from the schools 'Gifted & Talented' 'EAL' or 'Free School Meal' groups. We provide written weekly feedback which includes comments on individual's progress, thus providing the evidence that is required when describing the allocation of Pupil Premium funding and data for Ofsted.

Feedback includes:

· Aims of the session - What we hoped to achieve.

· Content - Exercises the children participated in and also 'Why' we did them.

· Children's response - How they responded to the work and what progress was achieved.

· Follow up - identify the groups needs, and what individuals need extra support next time.

· First week includes a short evaluation of each child and the areas they need assistance in - Final week includes individual feedback on each child's progress through the project.

The results from these sessions have proved extremely productive. There are numerous success stories which have resulted from this programme. We have been able to help facilitate previously silent children to 'find their voice'; instilling self belief in a nurturing and supportive environment. EAL children are talking with more confidence and all children are actively volunteering and vocally contributing more in class, assisting them to achieve rapid and sustained progress. To date the project has a 100% rebooking history!!!

" I thoroughly recommend this 6 week course. The targeted children began fairly quietly and the aim was to develop their self-confidence through speaking and listening skills and activities. This was certainly achieved and the outcomes were excellent. I was amazed by their end of course presentations and their progress has been carried into the classroom and other areas of school life. We have seen a real improvement in their confidence and achievements. All of our work with 'Wizard Theatre' is of a high quality and I am always very impressed by the tutors/actors that they provide." - David O'Farrell (Headteacher at St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School, Harrow)
" I am a great fan of the project and it's proven positive impact on emotional & social development, attainment and learning behaviours of the children who have taken part." - Sarah Adae-Amoakoh (Deputy Head - Donnington Primary School, Brent)
"Our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have made excellent progress in a range of areas, notably their confidence and self esteem. Pupils who rarely participated in class discussions have developed the confidence to contribute their thoughts and ideas, which has impacted on their progress positively in a range of curriculum areas. I would encourage others to participate in this high quality programme." - A Whelan (Associate Headteacher, St Joseph's Infant School, Wembley)
"At Sacred Heart we have seen very positive outcomes since the introduction of Wizard Theatre into our school. The impact on pupils’ learning is evident in the progress the pupils have made." - S. Morahan (Deputy Headteacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Ruislip)
"What a valuable use of our 'pupil premium' grant. Children in most need of the course looked forward to each session and were proud of their achievements during the sessions and at the final demonstration in front of their own teachers. You could see the progress they had made and we were astounded by their dramatisations". - Mark Betts (Headteacher at St Joseph's Junior School, Wembley)
Class Teacher's Comments:
"She has made some much needed progress in her confidence when speaking in a large group and is more able to generate ideas in class."
"He is able to concentrate for a longer period of time. Especially when working on different themes or topics across the curriculum."
"Working better in a group, listening to others. She is more confident sharing her own views. She has more ideas when working on role plays and has taken ideas she has learnt during the workshop and used them."
Children's Comments:
“I was really nervous to start with but as the weeks went by I got more confident. Now my teacher says I’m more confident in class and I’m better at having a go at things.” (Year 6 pupil)
“I loved it because Dominique helped me to think of ideas and now when I write stories in class I can do it much better.” (Year 3 pupil)
“I wish it could have carried on because it was great fun but I was learning too. It is helping me to achieve my literacy targets because it is easier to think of ideas for my writing.” (Year 4 pupil)


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