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Maximum of 40 members of staff

Wizard Theatre is passionate about the benefits of drama in the classroom. But teachers often tell us they don’t feel confident in using it themselves, even though they see how wonderfully their students respond to drama.

To break down those barriers, we have developed a Teacher Training Programme that is designed to make drama a part of every primary teacher’s toolkit by providing the knowledge and confidence teachers feel they lack.

The session is designed to fit into a 2½ - 3 hour slot in an INSET day and is highly practical, acting as a great team building event, as well as learning drama skills and exploring the benefits of using them.

“A great INSET – you have really motivated us”

“I’ve had a wonderful morning full of laughter”

“What a fun way to start the term. Time flew – yet we learnt so much about engaging children”

The session is structured around our acclaimed Pupil Premium Project, looking at the activities we use and why we use them. If your school uses the Project, then we can frame the session around how to maximise its benefit in your school. But if you aren’t using the project, the training will focus entirely on using drama in the classroom, and understanding the benefits of doing so.

There will be lots of positive drama games that we will teach through playing them. No-one will be embarrassed or put on the spot, or made to “act” in front of their colleagues. But as the session progresses we have found that everyone is happy to participate in the safe environment we create, and the sense of achievement and satisfaction at the end of the training is palpable.

The training will be delivered by two senior facilitators from Wizard Theatre’s team who have many years’ experience of using drama in the classroom. It will be tailored to your needs and experiences to ensure we make the most of the time we have with you. We will also provide a detailed handout reminding participants of the games and exercises we have demonstrated as well as a DVD resource pack for future reference.

Before the session, 13% of teachers described themselves as being confident or very confident to use drama in the classroom. After the session this rose to 94% *
What was the most significant thing that you discovered at today’s workshop?
-“You don’t have to be afraid of drama!”
-“The range of activities that can be slotted into a spare 5 minutes in the week”
-“My confidence”

*Data aggregated from 47 participants in 2 schools in January 2017


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