The Wind In The Willows

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Production for Key Stage 1 & 2.


“Mole yearns for adventure, Rat adores boats and Badger likes peace and quiet. Into their lives bursts Toad who loves very fast cars and just can’t seem to help getting into trouble. But can the animals reform Toad’s character and evict the squatters from his ancestral home to restore justice to the world?”

Back by popular demand Wizard Theatre presents this production of Kenneth Grahame’s much-loved classic in association with multiple international award-winning open-air theatre company Illyria.

"Children were buzzing afterwards." - Fairholme School
"The visual set and AMAZING acting kept them on the edge of their seat for a whole hour! Fabulous." - St Laurence Primary School
"We thought it was absolutely fantastic! Thank you." - Our Lady Of Lourdes Primary School
"It was great to see our little ones so transfixed by the story." - Norbury Primary School
"An excellent production; particularly impressed by the all round talentof the actors: music/acting etc. The story was thought provoking. A beautiful show." - Oliver Goldsmiths Primary School


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