The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle



When Doctor John Dolittle of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh is taught by his wise old parrot Polynesia how to talk to animals, news of his skills spreads far and wide. Soon animals across the world send messages asking for his help. So, with a leaky old ship and, together with his trusty pet-crew of Jip the dog, Chee-Chee the monkey, Dab-Dab the Duck and permanently hungry Gub-Gub the pig, sets forth on a mission to heal illness, spread compassion and gain a greater understanding of the animal kingdom.

A funny, much-loved and exciting adventure, with a strong message about responsibility towards animals and the environment!

Following the enormous success of our last sell out production Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves, Wizard Theatre returns with The Adventures of Dr Dolittle in association with international award-winning theatre company Illyria.

Wizard Theatre has been performing shows and workshops since 2002. Illyria has performed more shows to a wider area than any other UK open-air touring company. Now in its 28th year!

Producing high-quality theatre-in-education that engages both staff and students is of paramount importance – it is this mission that drives us forward. The cherry on the cake is that when we do such a great job, we receive multiple reviews testifying to that statement.

Every project delivers a different experience to those involved so it rewarding to hear first-hand what our audience took away with them. For some, our projects can be reflective and thought-provoking, for others they can install confidence and ignite passion. Please take a moment to read some reviews from past and present Wizard Theatre clients.   

Excellent show. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Coleham Primary School

You enchanted the children! Thank you.

Coleham, Shrewsbury

The children have gained great confidence from the workshop, particularly the peer influence session. Thank you for very accessible and important work

Hobbayne Primary School

Yet again you have come up with a stimulating, funny, challenging drama which will have lasting value to the pupils involved.

Lyon Park Junior School